How to access the Kraken website k2tor

What is the real address of the Kraken Onion

K2web Official Kraken Mirrors

What to do if you can't login to 2krn

What you can buy on the Kraken darknet market

If you previously used only the light part of the Internet, then you were hardly aware that prohibited goods can also be bought without the risk of going to places not so remote. In fact, it is. The kraken dark net marketplace provides its customers with the opportunity to choose from the comfort of their home and receive purchases without exposing themselves to the risk of being caught by law enforcement.

How the sale happens

First you need to get to the site itself. To do this, install the TOR browser on your device and enter the correct link in the search bar. Next, we go through a simple registration process: enter the captcha and enter the username and password in the special fields (you need to come up with them yourself, without copying from another site). Now you can enter. To make a purchase, you need to replenish your account. Transfer money to your bitcoin wallet from another account and start choosing a product. If you know the name, then you can safely enter it into the search bar, if you do not know, you can go to the directory and use the filter. After selecting the product and transferring funds to the store account, you will be provided with information on where and when you can pick up your purchase.